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         Specialist help from an experienced speeding lawyer

Marcus Croskell is a highly effective speeding offence lawyer based in Ipswich who can help you through every aspect of your preparation for you case and advise you on a the technical and factual defences where available.

The most common offence that affects clients is that of exceeding the speed limit.  Penalties range from those provided on a fixed penalty notice of three points and a low fine to disqualification and a high fine.  The extent of any speeding offence may lead to more serious charges if it results in an accident causing damage to property, or worse death of an innocent party.

       I know I am guilty, but can I avoid a driving ban?

With technology advancing, there are many instances where clients have to plead guilty.  Marcus Croskell will help you get the best result from your sentence.  He will assist you by helping you save your licence and keeping you on the road.  Experienced speed offence lawyers such as Marcus Croskell will be able to examine the details of your case and establish whether you have a defence on technical grounds or due to particular circumstances.  This may include arguments for special reasons for exceeding the speed limit and/or why you or your family may incur exceptional hardship through the loss of your licence if you have become a ‘totter’.  This is when you accrue 12 penalty points within the last 3 years.  Marcus Croskell is a specialist speeding offence lawyer who has successfully argued exceptional hardship and other arguments on behalf of clients for over a decade to keep clients’ families and businesses on the road.

          Is there a defence to speeding?

The best way to avoid a disqualification as a ‘totter’ is to avoid getting a number of 3-point offences at court or by way of a fixed penalty notice.  Whilst it may feel like it is too inconvenient to challenge an allegation, many clients only raise issues with earlier convictions when it is too late and facing losing their licence.  Do not accept a fixed penalty notice if you think you are not guilty of  the offence as help is available.

Even if you appear to be caught by an automated roadside camera, there are a number of defences that can be considered relating to the functioning of the speed camera or similar.  For instance, the traditional Gatso camera will have a series of markings in the images that are a set distance apart.  If the car moves too fast or slow across the markings in the time between the photographs, it is possible to work out the device’s accuracy.  Marcus Croskell will consider if there have been any breaches of the ACPO guidance (Association of Chief Police Officers) and their compliance with the codes of practice.  If they have not followed the correct procedure, it may render the prosecution evidence as unreliable.

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