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          Over the alcohol limit...

If the police allege you were driving whilst exceeding the legal alcohol limit, the effect can be devastating on individuals.  So many clients find themselves slightly over the limit after an evening out or find they exceed the legal alcohol limit the next day.  This offence is punishable with a fine up to £5,000 and a prison sentence in addition to a mandatory minimum ban from driving of twelve months.  With a decade of experience, Ipswich drink driving lawyer Marcus Croskell can provide advice and representation to help you obtain the best result in your case.

In the UK, the alcohol limit for drivers is predominantly tested using a breathalyser.  The test taken at the roadside is not admissible as an evidential test.  This can only be provided by an approved Home Office device at a designated police station.  The limit in breath is 35 microgrammes (mg) of alcohol in 100 millilitres (ml) of breath.  

In certain circumstances, you may be offered the opportunity to provide an alternative blood sample or a urine sample.  Unfortunately, since 2015 you no longer have an absolute defence if the police fail to offer a replacement blood or urine sample if your evidential breath samples are under 50mg of alcohol in a 100ml of breath.   

If you do have the alternative, the limits respectively are 80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100ml of blood and 107 milligrammes of alcohol per 100ml of urine.  If you would like a FREE initial legal enquiry, please contact 0843 886 2603 or contact us online here.  Please use the reference: marcuscroskell.com.

        What can I do? Do I have a defence?

Marcus Croskell is an effective drink driving lawyer who can help you through every aspect of your preparation for your case and advise you on the technical and factual defences where available.  This can range from the ‘hip flask’ defence to arguing the driving in question was not on a public highway.  Marcus Croskell can advise on the best way to approach the case, advise if the police followed the correct procedure, your prospects of success and whether you may need an independent scientific expert to assist in undermining the case against you.

Help is available if you have no choice but to plead guilty.  That will involve concise and sensible advice to get you the best result possible.  Despite the mandatory minimum of 12 months disqualification, there are many aspects of mitigation that can be demonstrated to the court to keep the period and financial penalty minimised.  This may include arguments for special reasons for driving whilst exceeding the drink drive limit such as an emergency or encouraging the court to allow you to take a drink drive rehabilitation course reducing your sentence by 25%.

If you would like further information on the services that can be offered to you and would like a FREE initial legal enquiry with an experienced drink driving lawyer, please contact 0843 886 2603 or contact us online here.  Please use the reference: marcuscroskell.com.