Causing Serious Injury Whilst Driving Dangerously

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       Have you had a serious driving accident...

The car is an amazing invention, but when things go wrong can result in catastrophic circumstances for the driver or others including serious injury or even death.  Clients may be accused of the new offence of causing serious injury whilst driving dangerously contrary to s.1A of the Road Traffic Act 1988.  Dangerous driving has the same meaning as the basic offence which is explained here.  'Serious injury’ is a new concept for driving offences, but is likely to have the same meaning as grevious bodily harm (GBH).  If you or someone you know is charged with this, they should immediately seek specialist legal help from expert motoring lawyer Marcus Croskell. If convicted in the crown court, a judge may impose a prison sentence of up to five years and/or a fine with a mandatory 2 year ban from driving with a mandatory extended retest.

Marcus Croskell is recognised in the Legal 500 as leading junior barrister and is known across across the courts of Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk as leading defence lawyer in road traffic law cases and has defended many clients facing serious offences such as this.

       What can I do next? Will I go to prison?

It is important that you have legal representation at your interview.  If this has already taken place, it is important that you arrange representation.  Due to the serious nature of the offence, you may be entitled to legal aid.  Marcus Croskell can explore all the options  with you.  In his experience, it is often better to have the matter tried before a judge and jury than a magistrates’ court.  It is often the case that on closer analysis of the evidence, there may be a logical reasonable explanation as to why a particular accident occurred or where there may be challenges to the extent of the injuries of the purported victim.  If you do not have a complete defence, Marcus Croskell will negotiate on your behalf with the prosecution where possible to see if they will accept a lesser offence or a limited basis of plea.  At every stage, he will act to protect your position during this traumatic time.

Specialist road traffic offence lawyer Marcus Croskell has a great deal of experience as a barrister in the crown court and as a jury advocate defending serious motoring offences.  Marcus Croskell can assist in preparing you for court including helping your collate evidence in your defence.  He can be contacted for an initial FREE legal enquiry by EMAIL HERE or on 0843 886 2603 quoting reference: