Win in Court of Appeal for Essex Case

The Court of Appeal a week ago agreed with Marcus Croskell that his client’s sentence handed down at Chelmsford County Court was manisfestly excessive.  Their Lordships reduced the sentence of 12 months to one of 8 months.  This effectively meant that the client was immediately released from the cells in London to return to his family.

This was a case in which the client was already under a suspended sentence order from a previous case and committed further index offences putting him in breach of that order.  The original sentencing judge activated his sentence in full rather than give any credit for his compliance with the order including serving three quarters with no further offending and 60% of his unpaid work hours.  The new offences were a combination of driving offences and domestic violence with his partner.  The judge in the Essex court, gave him 6 months consecutive for three further offences, making a total of 12 months.

Their lordships accepted Marcus Croskell’s submissions that the judge had failed to keep an eye to totality and failed to give credit for performance on the overall order from the suspended sentence.  The client was extremely happy as he got to return to his children after a salutory experience and taste of time in prison.

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