VW Group 'Dieselgate' Scandal

You can now check if your car is affected by the VW Group 'dieselgate' scandal by submitting you vehicle identification number (VIN) on a dedicated website for your brand of car as follows:

Audi - http://ow.ly/T6Y7o

VW - http://ow.ly/T6Yb6

Skoda - http://ow.ly/T6YeS

Seat - http://ow.ly/T6Yla


Parties are already preparing to begin litigation after it has become clear that although economy is unaffected, the pollution levels are and this will likely effect vehicle prices. VW are recalling over 10 million vehicles worldwide of which the UK market is a huge proportion of that.  It is proposed that they will be making adjustments to the vehicles to bring them back in line with the testing figures.

Even if you car is not one of the particular engines involved, your vehicle may have been devalued by the substantial loss of faith in the VW Group brands.