Success for Local Authority in Property Chamber

Marcus Croskell has been acting for a Local Authority (“A”) in a property dispute with a neighbour (“B”) whose property is in close proximity to a publicly owned and controlled space by A.  The judge in the Property Chamber, First Tier Tribunal has handed down his judgment in which he vindicates the approach of the A.

This was typical of many disputes that end up in court over property rights.  B asserted he had certain rights over a parcel of land.  In this case he entered into discussions with A during which he asserted he was made a promise by A to have access on a permanent basis to A’s land in the alternative and exclusive possession to that section.  He lodged a caution on the register via the use of unilateral notice.

In giving his judgment, the court rejected the assertion that at any stage A intentionally or otherwise intended to give B a right over the land owned by A.  B had been arguing that he had an easement over A’s property.  

Marcus Croskell was involved as the barrister acting successfully for A during the process including assisting A in its preparation of its case immediately before trial and as the representative questioning the parties at court.  A is thrilled with the result and hopes it will be the end of the dispute over the land. B currently has 21 days to appeal the judgment.

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