Success at Southend Crown Court

Marcus Croskell successfully prosecuted a young female of fraud by false representation yesterday at Southend Crown Court.  Marcus Croskell defends and prosecutes in criminal courts in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.  Yesterday he was involved in a high-profile prosecution of a 21 year old female who falsely represented she had cervical cancer to make a gain for herself.  As a result of telling people she had cancer with 15-20% survival rate, she received a series of freebies for her wedding from a wedding dress to champagne, wedding car, decorations, etc.  However, her deception went further by her being at the heart of a campaign to raise money for a so-called treatment fund amounting to nearly £10,000.  She had pleaded not guilty and Marcus had given a speech to the jury for nearly an hour in opening the case before she changed her mind and pleaded guilty to all charges.

This case has been widely reported in the last 24 hours including on the BBC, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Echo and The Gazette.

 The female concerned will be sentenced on 9 January 2015.

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