Choosing Lawyers for London Cases

When it comes to choosing representation for your case, whether you are based in East Anglia or London, it is advisable not to limit your choice to lawyers who are based locally. It is far more important to make your choice on the basis of experience and track record.

In fact, barrister and lawyer Marcus Croskell regularly represents clients in London courts, including the High Court and Court of Appeal, as well as magistrates’ courts, county courts and crown courts across the capital. He is also able to represent clients at the Supreme Court should a case demand it.

Clients in East Anglia requiring representation in London courts, or whose case is eventually referred to a London court, do not need to search for barristers based in London, as regionally based barristers are fully able to take on cases here. Moreover, for a case involving local knowledge (for instance pertaining to property disputes or motoring offences) it is very often best to engage a barrister with experience and familiarity with the area.

In the case of Marcus Croskell, East Anglian clients can achieve the best of both worlds: a barrister based in Ipswich, Suffolk, who operates regionally throughout Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire; but who also has many years experience of representing clients in London courts. Here we take a closer look at the range of courts in London and the type of cases that Marcus Croskell has undertaken there.

The High Court and Court of Appeal

The High Court and Court of Appeal are both housed at the Royal Courts of Justice, located at The Strand in London, and hear both criminal and civil cases. The High Court also carries out judicial review proceedings or cases involving matters of high financial value, such as property disputes.

However, there are also a number of ‘district registries’ which can hear High Court proceedings in some regional locations. In the East Anglia region, there are three district registries located in Cambridge, Colchester and Norwich.

Marcus Croskell has significant experience of representing clients at the High Court and Court of Appeal in London on a range of matters. Two recent cases include:

·      A High Court judicial review of decisions made by a district council housing department, in which Marcus represented two separate individuals.

·      A case at the Court of Appeal involving a boundary dispute judgement made in Cambridge County Court.

Especially in High Court cases however, Marcus frequently undertakes national cases, in addition to cases for individuals in the eastern region.

Magistrates, County and Crown Courts

London, like all other areas of the UK, has its own magistrates courts, crown courts and county courts, at which are heard the usual range of criminal and civil cases, including cases relating to driving offences.

As London shares a border and several significant road links with the south of East Anglia, it is inevitable that many cases arise in the outer London courts involving people who live in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or even Norfolk, but who work or travel in the London area. In particular it is common for motorists arrested for speeding, drink driving or other motor offences, to be brought before Magistrates Courts close to where the offence was committed – which may be some distance from home in many instances. In this situation it is of particular benefit to clients to find a lawyer who is willing and able to travel to these courts, while still being available for meetings closer to the client's usual residence.

Marcus Croskell has attended a great number of cases at county, crown or magistrates courts in the London area, but especially East and Central London including:

·      Epping Forest Magistrates Court, representing a client on a speeding charge. (Epping Forest straddles the Essex border and Greater London, very close to the M25 and M11).

·      Bow County Court, representing trustees in a bankruptcy case.

·      Wood Green, Snaresbrook, Blackfriars, The Old Bailey, Inner London and Southwark Crown Courts, in a variety of criminal proceedings.


A number of special Tribunals are located in London, all part of HM Courts and Tribunals Service, with each tribunal designed to deal with specialist matters such as land and property matters, employment, tax and immigration amongst others.

Marcus Croskell has London Tribunal experience including:

·      Successfully representing a property owner in Witham, Essex, in a case of adverse possession at the HM Land Tribunal, which is part of the First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber located at Kingsway, Holborn.

London Lawyer Marcus Croskell

Lawyer Marcus Croskell is engaged by clients in London, East Anglia and nationally for cases requiring representation in courts at all levels, from local magistrates through to the High Court and beyond if necessary. You can contact him for a FREE legal enquiry here.