Changes to vehicle tax disc

Earlier this year the Government announced it was making radical changes to the tax disc system in the UK for vehicles.  These changes will come into force on 1 October 2014 and it will be an end of a era for the paper tax disc after nearly 100 years.  The discs were first introduced in 1921.

Tax discs will no longer need to be displayed after that date (even if they still have time to run) and will become virtual electronic vehicle duty payments on Government records.  They will no longer be transferred to the new owner on sale of the vehicle.  Owners will get refunds upon notification to the DVLA of any sale of outstanding whole months on the tax disc.

However, the Government has also increased the penalties on registered vehicle keepers for failing to pay the appropriate vehicle tax figure with fines up to £1,000.00.  Make sure you retain any receipt from payments to the Government website, Post Office or paper application.  The Government are also making purchasing vehicle tax disc’s easier by introducing a 24/7 telephone line.

The crack-down on vehicle tax dodgers will start with the increased use of road-side cameras that can read number plates and match against the register.  Currently, people caught without tax disc’s face a small fine close to £80 with payment of back taxes.

If you have been challenged by the DVLA about your vehicle tax or other  motoring offence and would like some advice or representation on a private basis, call Marcus Croskell to discuss on 0843 886 2603 or email me.  

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