Finding Lawyers to Represent You at Tribunals & Other Hearings

A crown or magistrates' court case is not the only reason why you might need lawyers to represent you. Many disputes are settled by tribunals, which may sit in Essex, elsewhere in East Anglia or London. If you need legal representation for a tribunal or other type of hearing, it is vital to choose someone with the right expertise. 

As a direct access barrister based in Ipswich, Suffolk, Marcus Croskell represents many clients at tribunals and other hearings, and has extensive experience in this area.

What is a Tribunal?

Tribunals are part of the judicial system, with independently selected judges and panels. Although they used to operate separately from courts, the two are now combined under HM Courts & Tribunals Service.

Hearings are held at a variety of centres around the UK. Some are specialist centres, while others share the same buildings with magistrates or crown courts. Marcus Croskell has appeared in front of a number of such panels.

There are many different types of tribunal, including:

  • Land and Property: Various different types of hearing go to the First Tier Tribunal, Property Chamber, which is based in London and has a regional office in Cambridge. The types of dispute it settles include those concerning rents for homes in the private sector and leasehold disputes, for instance over service charges. Disputes over agricultural land and land registration are also heard by this chamber.

    Marcus Croskell has appeared at this tribunal over a claim by a neighbour for an interest in a parcel of land. He acted for Suffolk County Council in a dispute where the neighbour was asserting that he had an agreement with the council to use a section of a car park as his own. SCC rejected this and there was a hearing to see whether this agreement had taken place and, if so, whether it gave rise to him having an interest in the land. Marcus was successful in preventing him having any rights in the land.
  • Social Security and Child Support: Disputes and appeals about a wide range of state benefits, including tax credits, are heard by social security and child support tribunals, which are part of the First Tier Social Entitlement Chamber. The same tribunals can also make decisions in hearings about child maintenance payments, and people may choose to be represented by lawyers. This type of hearing is often held at Harlow in Essex.

    There has been a growing number of appeals about benefit decisions over the last few years, because of Government restrictions on eligibility criteria. Marcus Croskell has appeared in the Social Entitlement Chamber and has acted for the claimant seeking a review.

  • School Exclusions and Admissions: When a child has been excluded from school, parents can appeal to an Independent Review Panel (IRP). This will be set up by their local council. The panel can't overturn the decision, but can review the governing body's decision and advise governors to reconsider. If a child has a disability or special needs, then parents can apply for a hearing by the First Tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability).

    Parents can also appeal to panels set up by their council if their child has been rejected for admission to their chosen school. They may wish to have legal representation, such as barristers based locally in Essex, Cambridgeshire or Suffolk, to put their case for them. Marcus Croskell has appeared before independent tribunals appealing against the exclusion of children from school or simply appealing a rejection of a child's admission.

  • Customs: If customs officials have seized goods being brought into the country by an individual, it is possible to have this decision reviewed before an independent tribunal at Condemnation Proceedings. This may apply to items such as alcoholic drink or tobacco.

    Marcus Croskell has appeared before this type of tribunal on a number of occasions, representing people bringing large quantities of tobacco into the UK, which they asserted were for their own use.

  • Employment: Claims of unfair dismissal or discrimination in the workplace can be taken to an employment tribunal. Individuals often choose to be represented by lawyers who can put their case. Marcus Croskell does not personally take on this work, but he has colleagues at East Anglian Chambers who specialise in employment law and can represent people in this type of proceedings.

The Role of Barristers at Tribunal 

If you instruct a public access barrister over a dispute, they can guide you at every stage, including effective negotiation as well as going forward to a tribunal if necessary.

Barristers act at tribunals in much the same way as in other courts, putting clients' cases and acting on their behalf, as well as providing advice and guidance. Tribunals are sometimes more relaxed than other court cases, with different rules of evidence, and, again, your lawyer can advise you over these.

Barrister Marcus Croskell

Marcus Croskell has experience of a wide range of tribunal hearings in East Anglia and London, specialising in land and property issues. Whether you need expert lawyers to represent you at a hearing in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire or London, you can contact him direct for a free initial inquiry.