About EA Law - Barristers in East Anglia

EA Law - East Anglian Chambers is a set of chambers consisting of a group of barristers serving the East Anglia region. There are currently around 50 barristers within the Chambers, including Marcus Croskell who has been a member here since 2004.

The team covers a wide range of specialist legal areas providing services for businesses and individuals, as well as to solicitors requiring advice or court representation for their clients. EA Law - East Anglian Chambers barristers, while being based in East Anglia, are willing and able to represent clients from around the UK. The areas of law covered by the team include:

·      Property and Land

·       Insolvency

·      Commercial and Contract

·      Employment

·      Personal Injury and Negligence

·      Consumer Credit

·      Criminal Law

·      Family Law

·      Civil Litigation

Marcus Croskell specialises in a number of areas, particularly business and contract disputes, land and property issues, criminal defence and road traffic law.

How Do Chambers Work?

Historically, the term "chambers" originally referred to the physical rooms from which a barrister works. For logistical and financial reasons, these rooms would typically have been shared with other barristers. Over time, the term has come to refer to the group of barristers themselves, rather than their accommodation, often denoting membership based on locality, or sometimes by discipline (some Chambers will specialise in some areas of law more than others).

All barristers are individually self-employed and cannot form a company or partnership. So joining a Chambers is a way to achieve some of the benefits of belonging to a company (e.g. sharing accommodation and other business overheads, as well as an element of community and knowledge sharing) while still remaining independently self-employed.

A Chambers will jointly employ one or more barristers clerks and other administration staff to help organise the taking on of new cases, managing finances and so on. This provides individual barristers with the support and infrastructure they need to practice on a day-to-day basis.

Client Benefits

From a client point of view, engaging a barrister who is part of a larger Chambers can offer a number of benefits, depending on how the Chambers is organised, the number of members and the range of experience amongst the team.

In the case of EA Law - East Anglian Chambers, the Chambers has offices throughout the East Anglia region, in Ipswich, Norwich and Chelmsford. This enables clients to meet with their chosen barrister in a location convenient to them. In effect this widens their choice of "local" barristers, enabling them to choose a barrister based on their specialism and experience, rather than being limited to whoever may be available in their particular town.

Having access to a wider pool of expertise helps to improve the match between barrister and case, which in turn helps to improve the quality of representation and chances of success in any proceedings.

A regionally based Chambers also means that individual barristers will build up local knowledge and in particular will be familiar with the local judiciary (individual magistrates, judges and other lawyers) and officials in other relevant organisations such as the local police, councils and so on. This type of local knowledge can be immensely helpful in helping a case proceed smoothly, and in carrying out communications which can often help to agree a settlement (in non-criminal cases) and avoiding the need for a court hearing altogether.

A further advantage to clients is the wide range of legal knowledge available to them under one roof. In some complex cases a client may need advice on a range of legal areas (e.g. a couple who are business owners and seeking a divorce, may need advice on property law, commercial law and family law in order to fully resolve their situation). Members of EA Law - East Anglian Chambers will frequently assist each other by discussing difficult issues in order to solve particularly tricky legal problems.

In short, clients can find the best expertise for their case, combined with the convenience and advantages of someone with local knowledge and a wide range of legal specialisms to draw on as necessary.

 How to Find a Barrister in East Anglia

If you require legal representation by a barrister you have two options:

Contact a local or regional Chambers – The clerk can assign your case to the member with the most appropriate expertise. This can be useful for clients with little previous experience of the law and who may want help in identifying the area of law their case involves. East Anglian Chambers can be contacted on 01473 214481 or via their enquiry form.

Contact a barrister direct – Barristers no longer have to be engaged via a solicitor so members of the public can look around for a barrister with the right experience for their case, if they so wish. Over the past decade Marcus has built a strong reputation as one of the best barristers in East Anglia for dealing with cases relating to road traffic law and motoring offences, as well as a range of other legal areas including commercial law, insolvency and property matters. He can be contacted on 0843 886 2603 or using the email form.

Barristers East AngliaYou can find out more about Marcus Croskell's experience and services here.