Motoring Offences Hit By Increase in Fines

The Coalition Government have announced plans to change the level of fines handed out by the magistrates' court to defendants with increases of up to 300%.  The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 that came into force in 2013 already introduced unlimited fines for certain offences from the previous ceiling of £5,000, but these new proposals go a lot further.  For instance, if you are guilty of speeding on a motorway, the fine (known as a Level 4 fine) will be increased from £2,500 to £10,000.

Drivers need to be aware that their exposure to heavier penalties is being greatly increased.  It will therefore pay to consider two aspects.  Firstly, if you in receipt of a fixed penalty notice, it will no longer be ok to just brush it under the carpet.  The matter will revert to court and you could get a much higher penalty.  Alternatively, one can no longer afford to simply take the points and lower initial fine without properly considering if they are guilty whether it be for exceeding the speed limit or using a mobile phone.  By doing so you make yourself more open to a ban and high fine if you are caught again in the next three year period.

If you think you may have a defence to a motoring offence, then it will be worthwhile seeking advice on the merits of defending the charge.  Marcus Croskell is one of the most knowledgable motoring lawyers in East Anglia and will give you expert advice derived from many years experience with these types of cases and may help you avoid these new higher fines envisaged by the Goverment.

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