Sentence in Dangerous driving case

I was instructed to take over a case following the client losing confidence in his previous solicitor during the trial where he was found guilty of danagerous driving.  The client found me through a search on Google and saw that I had a great deal of experience in motoring law and driving offences.

I advised him on every aspect of his sentence including the likelyhood of a prison sentence.  The victim in this case was seriously injured and had to be airlifted to hospital.  At the sentencing hearing, the prosecutor described them being life threatening at the time but now were more life changing as 18 months on, she was still suffering the severe physical and emotional effects.  These are likely to impact on her for the rest of her life and she has had to retire prematurely.

The jury at Ipswich Crown Court had found him guilty of falling asleep at the wheel.  This meant that he faced on the guideline cases a term of imprisonment.  Full mitigation was presented to the Crown Court judge highlighting his medical issues, his age and family circumstances.  The judge was persuaded to suspend the prison sentence and allow him to keep his liberty.  He was sentenced to two years in prison suspended for two years with no conditions save a compensation order of £10,000.

For full details of the court case in the local press see the newspaper report HERE.

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