Barristers Ipswich – Top Tips on Choosing a Lawyer    

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in court or during a dispute is an important decision. If you are looking for locally-based barristers in Ipswich, Marcus Croskell has wide-ranging court experience, including both criminal and motoring cases. He can also provide expert legal assistance with a broad range of legal problems faced by businesses and consumers.

It is not always realised that it is now possible to get legal advice by choosing your own direct access barrister rather than going via a solicitor. Historically, getting such help was only possible through the traditional route, namely by instructing a solicitor who would in turn seek the advice and assistance of a specialist barrister.  Now you can get the advice directly from a direct access barrister.  The main advantages of this are that you can make your own choice, finding someone who has the right expertise and who you feel confident about. This can also be more cost-effective and potentially save time, since it means you only have to pay for one lawyer rather than for two. A public access barrister is able to take most types of legal work carried out by barristers.

Key Points in Choosing a Public Access Barrister

Here is a look at some of the key points to bear in mind when choosing a barrister to represent you.

What Expertise Does the Barrister Have? – Not all barristers are the same, with some specialising in different areas, so you need to find someone who covers the type of law relevant to you. For instance, you may be looking for a criminal defence barrister or business dispute lawyer. Often a barrister will have several specialisms. Someone with the right expertise will be able to give you expert advice about the likely outcome of your case, and will have the right knowledge and skills to represent you effectively. If you are not sure what specialism you need, the barristers’ clerks will often be able to identify the broad category before referring you to an appropriate barrister for your problem and budget.

How Much Experience Do They Have? – You are likely to have scores of questions when trying to find the right person to help you, but will simply not have the time to spend hours working out who is best for you.  Key issues to consider may include the following.  How long has the barrister been in practice, and do they have extensive experience with the type of case or dispute that you need representation in? Is it a major part of their practice? If a case is particularly complicated, it is even more important to find someone who has experience in this area of the law. Finding a lawyer with a proven track record in other cases of the same type will help to give you confidence in them.

Where Are They Based? - It is helpful to find a barrister who is based locally and knows the area, its courts (including the judiciary and staff) and procedures. This avoids the need to travel long distances for consultations. If you are in Ipswich, Woodbridge or the surrounding area, finding a lawyer in nearby chambers will make it much easier to consult them direct. Also, if you are in Suffolk or East Anglia and facing a court case in London, it is very helpful if you find a locally-based lawyer who also has good experience of London courts.  Marcus Croskell has chambers in Ipswich, Norwich and Chelmsford.

How Comfortable Do You Feel with Them? - Appearing in court or being involved in a dispute is bound to be a difficult and nerve-racking experience. This means it is important to look for a legal representative who you feel comfortable talking to about your legal problem and taking advice from. Having confidence in your chosen barrister can help to make the legal process less worrying than it would be otherwise.

Ipswich Barrister Marcus Croskell

Based locally in Ipswich, barrister Marcus Croskell has a wide range of legal expertise. As an experienced criminal defence lawyer, he represents clients in many types of cases which come before the courts, including cases of violence and fraud. He started work as a barrister at EA Law - East Anglian Chambers in 2003 and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board.  He is also an expert motoring lawyer, representing clients across the area who are charged with offences including speeding, careless driving and drink driving. Another area of expertise is business services, where Marcus acts for firms in a wide range of disputes, whether cases go to litigation or can be resolved outside court.  He also provides legal services for individuals including consumer legislation, housing and property disputes and can assist with alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and settlement meetings.

Marcus now has more than 12 years of experience, since it was 2003 when he was called to the Bar. He has been recognised and named as a leading junior barrister two years running in the Legal 500, an in-depth survey of the legal market in the UK. The chambers where he is based, EA Law – East Anglian Chambers, were also given a Top-Tier ranking for South East England. 

If you are looking for Ipswich barristers, Marcus Croskell represents clients from the town and across East Anglia, including Essex, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. He regularly appears in both local and London courts and has also appeared in other parts of the country. In the last year, Marcus Croskell has spent a great deal of time in a high profile commercial dispute, culminating in a lengthy trial in Manchester High Court as well as successful appearances before the Court of Appeal and High Court in London.  Marcus gives expert advice to clients and also provides support at every stage of a dispute or court process, as borne out by testimonials from people he has represented.

If you need legal representation, email Marcus Croskell for an initial free enquiry or call him on 0843 8862603.